15th-19th August 2012

Welcome to Dublin MELA

Mela is a Sanskrit word meaning a large gathering or traditionally a ‘fair’ of any size. Melas or village fairs are quite common in India and will include food stalls serving the local fare, traditional games played in that region, stalls selling handicrafts among other goods and obviously there will be entertainment like puppet shows, plays etc. This concept of Mela has been imported to many countries around the world by the South Asian diaspora. Melas are organised in many European cities to promote interculturalism and it helps raise the city’s profile in the global marketplace. There are apparently 30,000 Indians from India living in Ireland and to celebrate that for the first time, Unitas ISAC is proud to launch the Dublin Mela this year.

The Mela will draw large crowds and great media attention due to the variety of events and public participation. It will follow the typical Mela format which would be a few days during the year when the various communities in a place come together and organise family events with activities / programmes for all ages including entertainment and sport. The Mela will expose the different communities in Dublin to the Indian way of life as well as prove the cultural integration of the Indians in Ireland in different areas like Indo-Irish fusion in dance & music.

The Dublin Mela 2012 is the first ever flagship event for Indians in Ireland, a South Asian event that spans over 5 days from August 15th – August 19th 2012, showcasing Bollywood, sports, arts & culture and of course food. The objective of the Dublin Mela is to showcase the cultural diversity within India and promote integration within communities. The Mela (Indian carnival) concept itself is unique to Dublin and the events line up includes: