15th-19th August 2012

About US


Unitas-ISAC is a non-profit community organization setup and run by Indian Diaspora in Ireland.

Our Vision

To Integrate diverse culture of Indian Diaspora in Ireland and to embrace unity in diversity through common community platform

Our Mission

To provide a common community platform for Integration through Sports, Arts and Culture.

  • Sports – Enabling integration through social sports activities among diverse population in Ireland.
  • Arts – Spread the awareness of Indian Arts through various events and media.
  • Culture – Promote cultural interchange through major Indian festivals in Ireland

Our Strength

UNITAS ISAC’s strength is its volunteers. We have around 20 core volunteers and around 80+ volunteers to support the team on an on-going basis. Without their support and passion, our success would have been just a dream.

Highlight events

UNITAS ISAC takes pride in organizing sports, arts and cultural integration activities. Our major events since 2010 are,

  • Festival of Lights – November 2010 in RDS (Over 2500 attendees)
  • Festival of Lights – October 2011 in RDS (Over 3500 attendees)
  • Festival of Colours – March 2011 (Around 1000 attendees)
  • Beach Cricket Festival – July 2010 (Around 100 attendees)
  • Beach Cricket Festival – July 2011 (Around 100 attendees)
  • Badminton tournament – October 2010 (Around 100 attendees)
  • Cricket Festival – June 2010 (Over 100 attendees)
  • Cricket Mini World Cup – May 2011 (Over 150 attendees)
  • Curry Champz by WISAC – October 2011 (Over 25 contestants)
  • St. Patrick’s Day celebrations & participation – March 2011 (8 of the team members in the parade)

Visit www.unitasisac.ie for more info.